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The world's first cost-effective nanofiber production process.

TruSpin Nanomaterial Innovation, LLC is using a breakthrough, proprietary process to manufacture nanofibers to desired specifications for academic researchers as well as companies integrating them into their products.


  • 1000x yield advantage over conventional DC-based electrospinning

  • Unprecedented versatility in variety of material types and physical characteristics

  • Ability to rapidly make materials to customer specification on demand

Who We are

Anthony Brayer

Chief Scientific Officer

As the inventor of TruSpin's proprietary process, Anthony will lead the company's manufacturing and will facilitate the communication of technical information with our customers. As one of the world's top researchers of nanomaterials, he has traveled abroad to observe the practices of other programs and has a thorough understanding of the direction of the industry, the needs of our customers, and the capabilities of our competitors.

Robert Agnew

Director of Operations

Robert has been essential to identifying opportunities for growth, connecting TruSpin to business allies in the community, representing the company as the spokesperson, and executing on projects with diligence and a tireless work ethic. His vision for this technology's potential and commitment to growth will be instrumental in achieving success.