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Never Evaluated Battery Performance?  No problem!

Making science easy to understand is one of the things we're great at!

TruSpin's Nanofiber Production Method


TruSpin is currently exceeding the combined global output of nanofibers in novel compositions. 


TruSpin's machinery is inexpensive to build, and silicon nanofiber anodes are made using existing battery production tooling.  That means they function as a low CapEx, "drop-in" solution!  


Current approaches to nano-silicon depend on tedious production methods, making it hard for them to emerge from the lab.  TruSpin's method is ready for the factory floor!

These small fibers solve BIG problems

...and a lot of people already agree.  They're the researchers developing breakthrough technologies in energy, medicine, catalysis, and aerospace.  Maybe you're one of them.  If so, be sure to visit the PURCHASE page before you leave. 

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